How to describe sales experience on a resume

It’s a big question. How do you put that sales experience in your resume? For if you can put it in their correctly, then you’ll most certainly wow your audience – but put it in their wrong and they won’t be impressed at all. In other words, it can make and break your chances for certain jobs.


So how do you make it make you? Well, the best strategy to use is to actually use some of that valuable salesmanship that you’ve learned on the job. Use some of the big tricks that you learn while selling, to boost the quality of your CV.

What am I talking about? Well, read on.

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Writing the Professional Resume: A Professional’s Advice

The resume is the door to your interview process. When you are trying to get a career started, or you are thinking of changing careers, if your resume does not speak concisely, and clearly to a prospective hiring manager, that door will be closed before it gets a chance to be opened.

Writing resumes for a living for over 10 years has taught me one thing, and that is, if you do not know what you are doing with this important document, get professional help. It is one investment that you will have a positive return on throughout your working lifetime. Continue reading “Writing the Professional Resume: A Professional’s Advice”

Free Salary Calculators: How and what are these helpful apps?

There are some of us that can think back and remember when you had to guess if the guy next door made more than you in the same position. Salaries have usually been the thing that was hush-hush around the water cooler. You just didn’t discuss them.

However, today there is a demand that women make as much as men in the same positions and workers on the lower end of the pay scales must fight to get the minimum wages raised, which are always transparent.

So, how do you find out?

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Veterans Tips for Landing a Civilian Job

You heeded the call to serve your country, and now that you are coming home you may be a little confused as of how to integrate your military achievements into a civilian job position.

You are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of military men and women are discharged each year after their successful stint in the Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines.

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