What is an unsolicited resume?

The world is full of job ads. There are boards for every market, every job prospect, and every political persuasion. And yet, many people still struggle to find the job they’re looking for. In large part, that’s because there are often far more job seekers than there are positions. That can make it hard to stand out.


So, what can you do to get noticed if you’re not finding a way to gain traction through regular pathways? Well, how about sending out an unsolicited resume? This strategy can work better than you may believe. It’s gotten a lot of people jobs in places they otherwise might not have had a lot of opportunities.

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Writing the Professional Resume: A Professional’s Advice

The resume is the door to your interview process. When you are trying to get a career started, or you are thinking of changing careers, if your resume does not speak concisely, and clearly to a prospective hiring manager, that door will be closed before it gets a chance to be opened.

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Free Salary Calculators: How and what are these helpful apps?

There are some of us that can think back and remember when you had to guess if the guy next door made more than you in the same position. Salaries have usually been the thing that was hush-hush around the water cooler. You just didn’t discuss them.

However, today there is a demand that women make as much as men in the same positions and workers on the lower end of the pay scales must fight to get the minimum wages raised, which are always transparent.

So, how do you find out?

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